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Someone walking on the sidewalk doesn't look at people around him...He goes towards one ideal, which was blessed by his Gods. Maybe, he came to the world in order to come true the dreams in his mind, who knows, maybe he was intentionally sent by a holy power. However, there are something decreasing while approaching to the destination. This is very alike to the story of a butterfly. Everybody knows that a butterfly succumbs to attractiveness of a candle, which becomes the reason of his death...

A Brief View of Alexander

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Being unsure of
If the clouds are on purpose
Balance in chaos!

Billions of insects
Whether they are instable
Looking for a way.

Winds comes from all sides
And leaves are shaking freely
Then time should make sense!

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  1. You speak of clouds, insects, and leaves...yet you are speaking about something so much deeper and profound. You are a philosopher parsing out meaning--and you are doing it in English!

    I hope that there is "balance in chaos" and that "time should make sense."

    Are we the clouds, insects and leaves? I hope we have freedom.

    Thanks for the images that trigger thought.